Top 10 tips to prepare for the new academic year ahead


Summer Holidays are just around the corner! (or already here for some). Yes, it’s nearly time to dust off the passport and start thinking about that first cold beer or glass of wine whilst you relax on a sun-lounger reading your favourite book!

But, if you find yourself in the mood to do a bit of swotting up over the Summer break, here are 10 top tips from GovernorHelp to help school governors plan for the new academic year.

In no particular order:

1. Review and familiarise yourself with any updates or changes in education policies, regulations, and guidelines relevant to your role as a governor.
2. Take the time to read and understand the school’s development plan, improvement targets, and any relevant reports from the previous academic year.
3. Reflect on your own performance as a governor and identify areas for personal development or improvement. Consider attending relevant training or workshops to enhance your skills and knowledge.
4. Stay informed about any upcoming meetings, training sessions, or events related to school governance. Mark them in your calendar and ensure you are available to attend.
5. Connect with other governors or education professionals to share experiences, insights, and best practices. This can be done through online forums, networking events, or professional associations.
6. Familiarise yourself with the school’s budget and financial reports. Understand the financial challenges and priorities for the upcoming year.
7. Consider reaching out to the school’s leadership team to discuss any specific areas of interest or concerns you may have for the next academic year.
8. Take the opportunity to visit the school premises, if possible, to observe any maintenance or improvement projects that may be planned for the summer break.
9. Stay updated on any local or national educational initiatives or campaigns that may impact the school. This can include changes in curriculum, assessment methods, or educational resources.
10. Finally, take some time to relax and recharge yourself for the upcoming academic year. A refreshed and energised governor can contribute effectively to the school community.

We think number 10 is probably the most important one here. You need to take time out to relax, recharge and give yourself some well-deserved you time. Have a great Summer!

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