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Browse through the GovernorHelp support page, download useful how-to guides and find answers to common support questions.

G-Bot is our main AI assistant for governance. We’ve designed G-Bot to be very easy to use. Simply ask G-Bot a question or instruct it to do a task and wait for G-Bot to respond.

REMEMBER! G-Bot is an AI chatbot so you can have a conversation with it. Whilst G-Bot is great at answering single questions, it’s even better at keeping the converastion going. Ask G-Bot to do things like “Expand on the 2nd point you made” or “please rephrase your last response so that it’s easier to understand”

G-Bot is there to help you and make your role a little easier. If you want some more guidance on using then download our guide here.


Document Chat offers a completely unique experience. For the first time you can now upload a PDF document up to a massive 120 pages in length and then interact with it, ask questions about it and ask the chatbot to perform tasks relating to it.

Imagine being able to quickly, and easily get to the key points in a hefty document, get suggestions for questions you should ask about it, or even generate a short review and analysis of the whole document. Well, with Document Chat that’s exactly what you can do!

Download our guide on how to use Document Chat.


A great feature on GovernorHelp is that you can download your chat histories for use in other documents or to create your own notes.

It’s really easy to download your chat history. Simply click on the download¬† icon in the upper right area of the chat window, (on any of our chatbots) and your chat history will automatically be downloaded as a .txt file.

The download icon looks likes this:

Members of GovernorHelp can advertise their job vacancies free of charge on our dedicated job board.

Advertising your job is very simple as we manage the posting process for you. To advertise a job, simply fill out the vacancy details on the Job Vacancy posting areas of your Members Dashboard.

Each job vacancy you advertise includes:

  • 28 day job listing on the GovernorHelp job board
  • Featured Job position (top of relevant search results)
  • Social media promotion across our channels
  • Vacancy promotion through job search engine partners
  • Network cross posting across partner job sites

Yes! All our membership plans are based on a 12 month subscription and include access to all tools, services and features on GovernorHelp. There are no hidden costs or extra charges for our members.

Our membership plans vary by team size.

You can view what’s included in each plan on our Pricing page here.

If you’re not sure which plan is right for you or if you have any questions about membership then please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

Our membership application is very straightforward. We recognise every school and establishment is different, that’s why we personally take your through the application process.¬†

To begin a membership application process, please apply for a membership plan via the pricing page or use the contact form.

Once we’ve received your request, a member of our team will contact you to take you through the next steps and finalise your application. This will typically include:

  • Registering your school and account on GovernorHelp
  • Helping you set up your team access
  • Agreeing and arranging payment for your membership plan

Our team is always on hand to help answer your queries.

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