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“I absolutely love it!
This is SO useful for the Governors at my school.
Thank you!"
Sara A
Headteacher - Primary School
"This is amazing!
There is so much useful functionality, but even simple things like an ability to ask your chatbot questions regarding acronyms is extremely helpful.
This will be a great tool for our MAT."
Simon C
MAT Trustee
“As a relatively new parent governor, this has been so useful in helping me to navigate through some of the more complex intricacies of the role as well as understanding key terminologies which would otherwise be difficult."
Christina B
Parent Governor - Primary School
“This app is Fab!
Great work!!”
Annette W
CEO - Multi-Academy trust
“GovernorHelp is an invaluable tool for new and highly experienced governors alike! The technology behind the scenes is mind-blowing. This will really help a lot of governors to become more effective in their roles.”
Adam B
Governor - Primary School
“This is absolutely brilliant!
It's so user friendly - even I can use it!!
It's a great tool to have and it saves so much time"
Rachel S
Governor - Primary School
“GovernorHelp is a valuable tool for all Governors and Senior Staff"
Jane B
Retired Headteacher & Governor
“I asked G-Bot about Sport Premium, and it gave a response on the areas which you could use spending on.
It's very accurate and really clever!"
Georgia M
Assistant Headteacher - Primary School
“What I like the most, is the way you can analyse a policy document and the AI will suggest the key areas of focus, improvement and the key questions you should be asking at meetings. What a helpful time saver!"
James W
Chair of Governors - Scondary School

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