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Here are some ideas for questions to get you started.

What is SIAMS and what are the most important things I need to be aware of as a governor at a forthcoming inspection?

What are the five key things a new school governor should ensure they learn before their first governor's meeting?

At our last governors meeting the headteacher was talking about Multi Academy Trusts, what are they?

Provide an overview of the Ofsted inspection process for schools.

Analyse the [UPLOADED DOCUMENT NAME] and tell me if there are any inconsistencies or parts of it I should question at our next meeting

I need to write a governor visit report after a recent visit to the school. Summarise in bullet points the key things I need to include in my report?

Can you explain pupil premium to me in detail but also in a way that I can easily understand it?

Describe the role of a school governor in safeguarding policies.

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“I only wish I had this available to me when I started out as a school governor. G-Bot is the resource every governor should have in their locker”

Harry A
Primary School Governor

Expand your prompts

Prompts are a great way to get more out of G-Bot and keep the conversation going. Try following up G-Bot's answers with some of these.

Can you expand on the second paragraph? I need more detail.

Can you re-write the 2nd bullet point?

Can you summarise your answer so that a child would understand it?

Going back to your first answer can you condense it into a single sentence?

About G-Bot

G-Bot is our specially trained AI co-pilot for school and education governance. It provides you with with the answers to all your governance related questions as well as ideas for new initiatives and strategic improvements.

G-Bot has been trained on millions of data points associated with school governance and education. It can help new and experienced school governors navigate the minefield of often time-consuming and difficult tasks.


Points for Consideration


AI-generated content: GovernorHelp uses AI language models provided by Open AI. Whilst generative AI is a powerful technology, it may occasionally generate responses that are incorrect, nonsensical, or unrelated to the query. These instances are commonly referred to as “hallucinations”. These hallucinations can occur as a result of the AI’s generative nature.

Please, always exercise judgment and critically evaluate the output. GovernorHelp is not responsible for any actions or decisions you make as a result of the content generated. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Learning from training data: The AI bases responses on patterns and information contained in its training data. If certain topics or data are absent from its training, the model may not possess the necessary knowledge or understanding to provide accurate responses.

Context: Whilst Generative AI can generate human-like text, true comprehension and contextual understanding are beyond its capabilities. Responses may rely on surface-level patterns rather than deep understanding. Consider this factor and interpret the model’s suggestions accordingly.

Ethical considerations: OpenAI lacks moral or ethical judgment. As a responsible user, ensure that decisions made based on the model’s outputs align with ethical and legal standards.

Generative AI is a powerful tool that can augment your role and help drive improvements and efficiecies when used correctly. By following best practices, providing clear instructions, and considering the AI’s limitations, you can unlock its transformative potential while remaining aware of its considerations and limitations.

Remember to exercise critical thinking and judgment when interpreting and implementing the model’s suggestions.

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