How To: Create an Effective Skills Audit for a Governing Body


Need to do a skills audit of your Governing body? You’re in the right place. GovernorHelp has put together a useful ‘how-to’ guide on conducting an effective skills audit for governing bodies and SLTs. Recognising the ever-evolving nature of educational leadership, this guide is tailored to ensure governing bodies remain equipped, efficient, and effective.

The guide systematically breaks down the process, starting from defining desired skills to the creation of an actionable plan based on audit findings. Alongside the step-by-step breakdown, GovernorHelp has included invaluable tips, tools, and insights to ensure the audit is not only comprehensive but also actionable.

What sets this guide apart is its holistic approach. It isn’t just about identifying skills gaps – it’s about continuous improvement, stakeholder engagement, and ensuring the governing body is always primed for excellence.

GovernorHelp’s commitment to educational leadership shines brightly in this endeavor, providing tools and resources essential for the future of education. Dive into the guide, discover the depth of your governing body’s skills, and ensure your governing body is equipped for effective governance.

View and download the ‘how-to’ guide here

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